Spring Restaurant Seating

Spring Restaurant, Interior Courtyard

Private Dining Room and Salon

Somerset House, London

Skye Gyngell invited us to create an unusual garden for her new restaurant Spring, in Somerset House.
The private dining room is conceived as a garden although it sits enclosed in an elegant atrium at the heart of the restaurant. We felt it needed to feel mineral like, stony, cool, green and as natural as possible…a hint of a grotto or a ruined castle.. We conceived the idea of casting the huge leaves of Gunnera manicata in marble set in bronze frames to clad the walls and fossilise the space. They are cool to touch, intimately detailed and poetic, at once matching the history of Somerset House and the exquisite nature of Skye’s beautiful, delicate food.

Spring Restaurant Leaf
Spring Restaurant Seating

Image credits: Tom Mannion; Jinny Blom