Jinny's Tonic No. 8

Amin Taha

Set in Stone

Amin Taha – Set in Stone

“Stone is the great forgotten material of our time. In 99% of cases, it’s cheaper and greener to use stone in a structural way, as opposed to concrete or steel, but we mostly just think of using it for cladding.”

Amin Taha is on a mission to show the potential of stone beyond decoration.

The material uses 90% less embodied carbon than concrete and its use by Amin Taha for buildings such the much feted 15 Clerkenwell Close highlights not only the climate conscious arguments for its use, but also the aesthetic.

As all aspects of production and consumption draw into sharper focus, arguably the time has come for a renewed debate around the potential and beauty of stone.

Amin Taha was born in Berlin and has been settled in the UK since 1974. Amin has taught, written and lectured on architecture, sat on the RIBA National and International Awards Jury and aids property related research groups and funds.

Amin founded architecture practice Groupwork in 2003 (formerly Amin Taha Architects) which has won multiple RIBA National Awards, RIBA Sterling Prize 2017 shortlist, and two EU Mies Award 2019 nominations.

by Jinny’s Tonic