Jinny's Tonic No. 5

Mark Paton

The Importance of Physicality and Idiosyncrasy in a Digital Age

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Tonic No. 5 - Mark Paton

Mark is a graphic designer and one of the founders of Here Design. Over the last twelve years he and his partners have built a studio that is dedicated to the craft of good design by integrating thinking, writing, designing and making. The structure of the studio has grown organically to support the needs of their clients, and to allow them to act as a design partner from the inception of an idea to the production of the ultimate physical expression.

Here Design work across an unusually wide range of project types. They have created restaurant identities for the likes of Palomar, Morito and Hide; designed cookbooks such as Yotam Ottolenghi’s ‘Simple’; redesigned international brands such as Bacardí, and created packaging for some of the world’s rarest Single Malt whiskies. Recently Mark had the pleasure of working with Jinny on her book ‘The Thoughtful Gardener’ and alongside Jinny on the visual identity for The Fife Arms hotel in Braemar, the latest venture of dynamic art duo Iwan and Manuela Wirth.

Visual Ecologies

The importance of diversity, nuance, idiosyncrasy and physicality in a digital age.

One of Here Design’s ambitions as a design studio is to try and sidestep the closed loop of online design resources (think Pinterest, blogs or Google) by turning away from their screens and seeking inspiration from as many diverse real world sources as possible. One of the joys of leafing through a book in a library or museum is the possibility of a serendipitous encounter with the unexpected: something you weren’t specifically looking for. At Jinny’s Tonic Mark will talk through some of the different sources of inspiration for recent work for the likes of The Fife Arms, Panzer’s Deli and Balvenie.

Thursday 21st February 2019

by Jinny’s Tonic