Jinny's Tonic No. 4

Simon Hurst

Architecture and Artifice

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Simon Hurst is a traditional architect. Having trained at the Prince of Wales’ Institute of Architecture he then won a travelling Scholarship from the Society for the Protection of Ancient Buildings. These have shaped his career: working with old buildings or in traditional idioms for new buildings.

His work is often respectful of existing buildings or historic settings, and this sometimes means playing games, including creating a sense of a built-in history, even if things are new.

Simon will show some examples of buildings he has seen on his travels where not all is as it first seems, and how this has informed what he does in his own work. Some of this might be seen as fakery, but he will suggest that respect for one’s pre-existing surroundings are too often forgotten in Architecture and not everything should necessarily be ‘honest’ for honesty’s sake.

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Thursday 29th November 2018. Doors open at 6.30pm, with the event beginning at 7.15pm.

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