What is Jinny’s Tonic?

Jinny Blom Studio

cultural understanding

Jinny’s Tonic is a monthly organised Salon held in our studio at 15 Bowling Green Lane in Clerkenwell.

A gathering created with the intention of exploring in depth the many disparate fields of knowledge that one might otherwise not easily encounter. We hope to enrich our thinking and broaden our cultural understanding.

Once a month, we invite a speaker known as a ‘Tonic’, from a broad range of disciplines. They talk to us briefly, possibly with images or other relevant materials, about how they became what they are, their work, what inspires and motivates them and what is uppermost in their mind at this precise moment. They will be asked a universal question and this will trigger the evenings discussions.

It is a small gathering, with a maximum of twenty people.

Within the cost of the £10 ticket is a drink or two to loosen tongues and create a convivial and spirited conversation triggered by the Tonic’s setup spiel.

by Jinny’s Tonic